Stationary wood waste shredders

Stationary wood waste shredders, made in Poland

Technical specifications:

Shredder model
Feeder hole
Amount of knives
Price Euro (excl. VAT)
250 EB/2250x100mm 30kW 2vnt 980kg 20.694,00
250 EB/3250x100mm 30kW 3vnt 980kg 21.090,00
350 EB/2350x100mm 37kW 2vnt 1300kg 24.236,00
350 EB/3350x100mm 37kW 3vnt 1300kg 24.522,00
350 EB/4350x100mm 37kW 4vnt 1300kg 24.786,00
500 EB/2500x160mm 45kW 2vnt 2100kg 29.967,00
500 EB/3500x160mm 45kW 3vnt 2100kg 30.517,00
500EB/4500x160mm 45kW 4vnt 2100kg 31.199,00
650 EB/2650x200mm 110kW 2vnt 4500kg 55.871,00
650 EB/3650x200mm 110kW 3vnt 4500kg 57.180,00
650 EB/4650x200mm 132kW 4vnt 4500kg 58.500,00

Controller systems:

  • For shredders models 250 and 350 – 270.00Eur
  • For shredders model 500 – 986.00Eur
  • For shredders model 650 – 450.00Eur

Tape conveyor (length 3m):

  • For shredders model 250 – 150.00Eur
  • For shredders model 350 – 986.00Eur
  • For shredders model 500 – 540.00Eur
  • For shredders model 650 – 295.00Eur

Shredder is a stationary drum shredder device used to shred flat-surfaced trimmings, cut-offs and various other waste from furniture and lumber mills.

Shredders are controlled from a control cabinet, which is responsible for turning on the shredder, its work control and rebooting as well as turning off the gears. Shredder’s cutting system consists of a drum with 2, 3, or (optional) 4 cutting knives. Using the shredder’s sieve ensures that all of the production comes out in equal size. Various configurations of the number of knives and the size of the sieve allows to produce chips of the required size. Fed material is transported into the shredder’s “jaw”. The shredder is equipped with an electronic work control system which automatically protects the shredder from any kind of rebooting which would result in the stoppage of the feeder system.

Manufactured chips can be used as fuel for furnaces, or as a material in making paper, making wood plates which are used in the furniture industry, or as material for briquette and pellet production after repeating the shredding procedure.



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