Aerodynamic dryer

Machine’s description Amount kW Price EUR
Material preparation sector A
Combustion chamber
Measurements: length ~ 2m, height ~ 1.7m, width ~ 1.5m
Estimated power ~ 0,5 MW Capacity of the fuel tank 1,5 m3 1 2,2
Burned with wood chips. Fuel consumption 10,4 – 20,8 mp/24h
Hammer mill-dryer
Measurements: length ~ 1.5 m, height 3 m
El. Engine power – 22 kW
Number of hammers – 24pcs 1 22
Used to mix and grind the drying material
Intake temperature sensor
Transport fan used to suck the material out of the dryers and transport to the tank 1 7,5
Rotor cyclone with a rotary valve 1 0,75
Pull-out Piping
Connection piping with control damper and temperature sensor
Chimney for exhaustion of steam
Power cabinets, engine connecting 1
Transportation cost
Installation and launching of the Dryer
Total installed power of sector A and price excl. VAT 30,25 46 800.00
VAT (21%) 9 828.00
Total price including VAT 56 628.00
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