Automatic pellet weighing and packing machinery

Electronic conveyer scale B/N-K40


Machinery components

Unloading hopper straight to the shaping pipe

Electronic weight control. Electronic series-weight control system SEA WS2000 consists of a digital screen and a keyboard for data configuration. System includes automatic calibration and compatibility modes. The system has various weighing functions and is easy to use.

Motorised device to lock and raise the packaging film

Roll of polyethylene film is mounted onto the shaft and locked with cone locks one of which is adjustable with pneumatics. END OF TAPE sensor for when the packaging film has ended.

Packaging film feed device

The device consists of gear engine with an inverter alongside with two pneumatical cylinders with pressure controllers. These cylinders tightly press the scraper feeding conveyors against the shaping pipe. The size of the pipe has no difference – the film stays tightly pressed against the pipe. The gear of the feeding conveyors is fuelled by an electrical engine with roller bearings which ensure maximum precision.

Vertical impulse film sealer device (L-1000mm)

Pneumocylinder helps to compress the film. Easily adaptable to a shaping pipe of any diameter. Easy to use. Welding seams are cooled with compressed air. Buyer‘s compressor.

Horizontal mechanical sealing system

The device is mounted on line bearings, for high vertical precision. Compression and sealing pressers contain heat plates. The method of thermoforming – impulsive. Welding seams are cooled with compressed air. Buyer‘s compressor.

Stainless steel shaping pipe


Used to control the length of the bag when the bag is without or with a painting.

Electronic sealing plates ROPEX

Used for microprocessor’s model RES-408 RESISTRON temperature control. Automatic zero calibration. Integrated error diagnostics. Real-time temperature data monitoring in the control console. Overheating protection.

Connection of pneumatics with air-cleaning and lubrication system


NumberAmountDevice namePrice, EURO excl. VAT
1.1Vertical weighing and packing machine
64 500.00
2.1Two pneumatic actuators used to form the bag into a more attractive shape2 300.00
3.1Servicing platform with steps,
3 600.00
4.1Conveyor, used to carry the production in bags1 900.00
5.1Machine installation guide and worker‘s training (provided by the manufacturer‘s technical staff)3 400.00
6.1Machine Transportation expenses Italy – Lithuania1 400.00


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