We manufacture only the highest quality briquettes from deciduous trees, 50% birch, 50% oak, European ash (Fraxinus excelsior). Not only do we manufacture briquettes, but we also manufacture briquette production lines, manufacture factories, thus we have a lot of knowledge about the production technology.


  • Sawdust which are dried before pelleting lose some of Its calorific value (heat output) and oxidize, so the briquettes are darker in colour and do not produce the potential maximum heat output.
  • We manufacture briquettes from already dry sawdust obtained from dry wood, thus obtaining the maximum heat output of the wood briquettes.

Wood briquettes may be inspected with a prior agreement.
Dringis str. 4,
Ignalina Eldership,
Ignalina District Municipality.



  • Price for 10kg: 4.7 EURO + VAT (reduced 9% (for natural persons)/ standard 21% (for companies))
  • Price for 960kg: 450 EURO + VAT (for natural persons)/ standard 21% (for companies)
  • Prices are negotiable when buying a larger amount


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