Wood pellet production lines up to 3t/hour)

Description of the equipmentAmountkWPrice EUR
Production Sector A (preparation of material)
Capacity, mixer with a screw conveyor, used to mix and transport the material into the shredder (~1-12m³)11,5-3 
Hammer mill, used for material grinding15,5-45 
Industrial fan, used to transport material from the shredder to the hopper13,7-7,5 
Cyclones with rotary valves, used for material separation1-20,75-2,2 
Hopper for shredded material (capacity ~1-3m³) mixer11,1-2,2 
Material dosing dispensers used for equal dosing of material into the pelleting machine10,55-2,2 
Total installed power of sector A and price 13,1-62,1 
Pelleting sector B (production of pellets)
Ring die pellet machines (diameter 450-560)155-200 
Die diameter (hole diameter 3,4,6,8,10 (selectable))1
Total installed power of sector B and price 55-200 
Pellet conveying-cooling sector C
Tape conveyor, used to collect pellets L-2,5 m11,1 
Scoop conveyor, used to transport pellets into the cooler. Vertical conveying height – 5 m11,1 

Counterflow pellet cooler with hydraulic station, used to cool the pellet until it reaches the ambient temperature

Pellet sifter, used to separate pellets from dust

Industrial fan, used to suck steam and dust and to return the material back into production13-7,5 
Total installed power of sector C and price 5,38-9,88 
Pellet packing sector D
Scoop conveyor, used to transport pellets into the packing machine. Vertical conveying height – 5m11,1 
Semi-automatic packing machine1Single-phase 
Pallet wrapper1Single-phase 
Total installed power of sector D and price 1,1 
Service and control systems sector E
Control cabinets, engine connecting1  
Installation and launching of the production line
Duration of training – 8 hours
Total installed power of sector E and price 0 
Total installed power  74,58- 273.08 
Total price excl. VAT (prices depend on efficiency)  100 000 – 200 000
VAT (21%)  21 000 – 42 000
Total price including VAT  121 000 – 242 000


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