We manufacture the highest quality

wood pellet and briquette production lines

Non-standard metal production

Who are we?

Racks with pinions in factory machine
We manufacture and sell only the highest quality wood pellet and briquette production lines, packing machinery, conveyor systems and other various manufacturing machinery, all of which are of various power output and efficiency. We will manufacture and install the equipment of your needs in all of Europe and Asia.

Why to choose us?

Punctual Delivery

Nowadays everyone values the importance of time, that is why our clients get our equipment delivered on time.

Guaranteed Quality

Our goal is to make the customer happy thus we guarantee only the highest quality equipment.

We adapt to Your needs

Every customer is unique which means everyone needs different kinds of equipment, that is why we will offer the most optimal option for You.

Our Production

We offer drying equipment for drying different kinds of materials (sawdust, wood shavings, fertilizers, etc) of various power output and efficiency.

We manufacture and sell our production lines, as well as represent production lines of manufacturers of different countries.

We manufacture and offer fully automatic or semi-automatic packing machinery, which is used to pack pellets, coal, peat, rubble and other friable materials.

We manufacture custom screw conveyors, tape conveyors, scoop conveyors, scraper conveyors and roller conveyors, used to transport various materials: for semi-finished as well as fully finished products and packaging, which are manufactured in accordance to Your specifications.

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