Belt dryer TSF-1/400


Belt dryer TSF-1/400 can vaporize 400kg of water per hour. When drying from 60% to 10% the efficiency is estimated at 1t per hour. It is possible to lengthen the dryer and to increase the efficiency to up to 2t/hour.

All surfaces of the dryer which come in contact with the dried material are made of acid resistant steel, class 1.430. That allows for prolonged usage without any failures.


Price includes the dryer, its assembly, launch and training
Price: 175 000 EUR + VAT


This dryer can be lengthened to double efficiency, estimated 2t/hour TSFS-1/800 – development price + 80 000 € + VAT

We offer additional dryer’s equipment:

a) self-unloading container for friable materials, estimated capacity –30m3, a hopper with a drag conveyor (moving-floor); engine’s power of a single section – only 2.2kW
Price: 21 000 EUR + VAT

b) horizontal screw conveyor – 300 screw conveyor, transporting the material sideways to the drag conveyor, where the dryer is loaded
Price: 2 600 EUR + VAT

c) screw conveyor – conveyor ensures reliable and very effective transporting of humid material to the dryer with optimal energy consumption
Price: 4 800 EUR + VAT

d) Control cabinet, installation included
Price: 3 500 EUR + VAT



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