Wood pellet production lines (up to 1 t/hour)

Wood pellet production lines

Efficiency up to 800 kg/hour


Description of the machineAmountkWPriceEUR
Material preparation sector A
Storage tank, mixer with a screw conveyor,
used to mix and transport the material into the shredder (~1-3m³)
Hammer shredder15,5-11  
Rotor cyclone, used to separate sawdust10,55-0,75  
Total installed power of sector A and price 7,55-13,95  
Pelleting sector B
Pellet machine with a roller system (2 or 3 rollers)17.5-45  
Matrix sieve hole size – 3,4,6,8,10 mm (selectable)1
Total installed power of sector B and price 7.5-45  
Pellet conveying-cooling sector C
Counterflow pellet cooler, used to cool the pellet until it reaches the ambient temperature1   
Pellet sifter, used to separate pellets from dust10,18  
Industrial fan with several air filters, used to suck steam and dust from the sifter and the cooler12,2-5  
Total installed power of sector C and price 2,38-5,18  
Pellet packing sector D
Scoop conveyor, made from stainless steel, used to transport the pellets into the packing machine. Length – 5m11,1 
Semi-automatic packing machine    
Total installed power of sector D and price 1,1 
Service and control system sector E
Power cabinets, engine connecting1   
Installation and launching of the production line    
Transportation cost    
Total installed power of sector E and price 0 
Total installed power  18.18-75.88 
Total price excl. VAT (depends on efficiency)   25 000-70 000
VAT (21%)   5 250-14 700
Total price including VAT   30 205-84 700


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