Mobile diesel engine tree branch crusher BD-TSF600


Model BD-TSF600 Chain-conveyor feed and Regular-conveyor feed
Power 55hp
Main motor speed 3000r/min
Start mode Electric start
Capacity 2-3t/h
Blades 4 movable blades and 1 fixed blade
The length of the blades 155mm
Feeding roller diameter 280mm
Maximum feeding diameter 150mm
Feed roller power hydraulic motor
storage battery 24V,105AH
Rotor diameter 300mm
Generator power 800W
Diesel tank volume 35L
Hydraulic oil tank volume 25L
Inlet size 600mm*400mm
Inlet throat 300mm*200mm
Hub 13-inch aluminum alloy
Tire 160/70R13C


Intelligent feeding system
  1. Engine speed display;
  2. high engine load, automatically stop feeding;
  3. load reduction, automatically start;
  4. automatic, manual one-key switch;
  5. free setting of action area
Outlet direction: 360 ° rotating quick adjustment device, discharge height adjustment
Other configuration: Tail light, feed light, folding hand jack, adjustable traction height


Regular conveyor feed150mm14,895 € exc. VAT
Chain conveyor feed150mm120,624 € exc. VAT



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